examples of college students now abound, from them you may find those who have their own or something, but there are, they are necessary, that is, insist on?!

"chunnuan Railey floral fragrance, good weather in Florida, a bumper grain harvest" Xian Zhen Tian tou Cun Ledong, the couplets a Beige NEW 3 storey small ocean floor, especially on behalf of small building owner Kyrgyzstan home this spring festival mood and feelings.

in the village, said Kyrgyzstan home, it really is a celebrity. 1995, Hainan Normal University Department of political science and law after graduation he had a stable job in the city, but due to family needs and personal interests, after 1 years, he decided to give up jobs in the city, home planting season vegetables. From the beginning of simple open-air cultivation, after 10 years of hard work, he has now developed to have 114 acres of iron shed, millions of dollars worth of vegetable grower. Speaking of the small building, Ji Jia body said it was in vegetables after the money, he spent 480 thousand yuan to build in 2008.

Kyrgyzstan home: one of his entire land, 114 acres, all reinforced greenhouses, mainly used for planting melon, he spent about 2000000 yuan to build last year. This year is the first year after the completion of the production, the first one has been fully completed sales, net income reached about 1000000 yuan, almost half of the cost has been recovered. According to the current market, with the expected made and put into operation, can fully recover the cost, profit and benefit is very considerable, in the beginning, he also like the village of other vegetable growers, is open to planting, low income.

he later began to gradually transition to the simple greenhouse planting, efficiency has been greatly improved. But because of the greenhouse every year to replace, very troublesome, but the cost is not low, therefore, after careful consideration, from the beginning of last year, he one-time investment about 2000000 yuan, the steel shed to transform this piece of vegetable base.


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