now there are many businesses to invest Manicure stores, for businesses, how to attract tourists is a need to seriously think about. Franchisees need to seriously consider what strategies can be used to attract new customers, retain old customers, if you are not very familiar with the situation, you can learn about.

understand customer information to meet customer needs

as Manicure stores, not just waiting for customers to come to visit some more consumption, new and old customers, through the observation records of customer’s daily habits and character, to the different needs of different customers according to the analysis, so as to dig into the special needs of customers, to meet customer needs, let Manicure hell-bent stores customer choice.

Manicure Manicure technology fashionable

keep one method of loyal customers, is to let Manicure stores customers, professional accreditation Manicure join store products and technology effect. Because some loyal customers pay more attention to the effect of Manicure and style, is not high on the other hand, once Manicure stores can meet their needs and achieve their desired effect, so the loyal customers, will not choose to go to other stores Manicure consumption.

start from the details of the service in good faith to customer

as the saying goes, the details determine success or failure, for business Manicure stores is also true. For each customer to Manicure franchise stores, Manicure personnel must be honest, starting from the details of the service, enthusiastic and sincere service to every customer, let every customer feel valued and concerned, and then open the defensive and began to trust Manicure stores, stores also Manicure for customers to leave a good first impression.

multi push product projects to listen to the views of customers

now, with the continuous improvement of living standards, consumer psychology is also in constant change, if Manicure stores also adhere to the old business model, often difficult to retain customers, so to increase the participation of customers. Manicure stores can be the product launch project, solicit the views of customers, let them participate, it not only can make customers feel valued, can collect different views of customers.

learn to praise customers and communicate with customers

The so-called

to enhance customer confidence, namely Manicure division to praise customers, enhance customer confidence. Everyone has the heart of beauty, Manicure division of work not only in the Manicure provide service for the customer, but also to communicate with the customer, praise them, let them enhance their physical and mental pleasure, to recommend

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