is now around in order to solve some problems of employment are actively promote the people business trend, at the same time, the public business has also started to become a social venture slogan, also around the government is constantly introduce some policies to help the public business.

views that every natural person Investment Limited registered capital of 8 million yuan the following, all enterprises under the county (city, district) Industrial and Commercial Bureau registration; individual proprietorship, partnership, in the enterprise of the county (city or district) Industrial and Commercial Bureau registered, but also in the enterprise is located, the county (city, district) branch registration Commission Industrial and Commercial Bureau () registered. Further relaxation of newly registered enterprises registered places of large commercial buildings, office space, can be divided into several independent space to rent the space can be used as general trade, science and technology company to rent the residence of the enterprise application for registration; property right and unable to provide proof of ownership of the place, by the local government (including Township, town and street offices) can rent provisions or construction, planning, housing, urban management and other related departments to allow individual businesses to lease business as proof of use of the place for registration. Where the registered capital of 50 million yuan (inclusive) or more enterprises, can be directly applied for the use of non administrative divisions of the national enterprise name; registration of more than 3 million yuan of enterprises, can use the crown Hebei enterprise name. Hebei, Handan for the crown name of the enterprise, through the network remote approval, the county (city, district) Industrial and Commercial Bureau direct payment of enterprise name pre-approval notice. Construction of the entire electronic online registration management platform, the pilot online applications, online acceptance, online audit, online publicity, online hair, etc..

to use the Internet to operate the goods or provide services Small and micro businesses, enterprises can use the name of "electronic commerce". Where the registered business entities engaged in the network behavior of commodity trading and related services, and business scope and registered business scope consistent, no longer re registration; high-tech parks, logistics parks, industrial parks, agricultural parks, scenic areas and industrial products, agricultural products, aquatic products operating businesses and shopping malls are. You can own or rent real estate, booth set up a website, shop, registered according to law to carry out network marketing activities. Encourage e-commerce platform, website, shop operators, the use of e-commerce platform for the promotion and sale of geographical indications products. The main body of the electronic commerce application for registration of the trademark, declare the well-known, well-known, well-known trademark protection identified, to support and carry out targeted guidance services. High and new technology enterprises and small and medium-sized scientific and technological research personnel, college students, overseas talent, can be obtained through the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of the equity bonus to become shareholders of the enterprise. To engage in modern logistics, information services, financial services, technology services, business services and other producer services enterprises, in addition to the law and the State Council to determine the pre registration examination and approval and commendation

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