for 80, now is a good time to start work, and want to venture in the market rushed to the gold rush, no idea is difficult to gain a foothold in the traditional projects, so the entrepreneurial market is close to saturation.

2013 in July 26th, this reporter went to the company to run errands, a set of more than and 100 square meters of the house is divided into service desk, warehouse, lounge, customer service staff are busy answering customer calls. One of the partners Ye Caiying smiled and said: "this is our headquarters, at present, the company has just started, we have 3 customer service staff of 2 workers responsible for the customer to run errands."

however the dream did not extinguish the flames. At the end of last year, Ye Caiying returned to Luoyuan with my friend Lian Xiaozhou, Ye Liqin discuss the entrepreneurial intention, she once again mentioned the idea, we hit it off. Do 3 bestie to become a partner, specific division of labor, went into the preparatory work.

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