girls are in the strong growth period, the amount of ovarian estrogen secretion itself more, if the choice of estrogen drugs, although can promote breast development, but also the danger lurking in some adverse factors.

some young women, the pursuit of slim diet every day and even fling caution to the winds, with vegetable dish, which results in breast development is not perfect, the dry invisible, then other conservation measures will It doesn’t help the situation..

if estrogen levels are still too high, may make the possibility of breast, vagina, cervix, uterus, ovary cancer patient body increased. The commonly used estrogen estradiol benzoate and diethylstilbestrol etc.. Abuse of these drugs, not only easy to cause nausea, vomiting, anorexia, can also lead to uterine bleeding, uterine hypertrophy, menstrual disorders and liver and kidney damage.

choose the right bra is a necessary measure to protect the breasts, must not be let down. To choose the type of moderate bra. Some girls often wear a bra, breast that did not grow into, it is not necessary to wear a bra. In fact wrong, if long-term not to wear a bra, not only easy to breast ptosis, but also vulnerable to external damage. As long as the right to wear a bra, will not affect the development of breast.

avoid excessive dieting:

, which can cause problems such as inflammation or skin diseases. Therefore, we must always clean the breast.

do not use hormone drugs in breast:

diet can control the increase or decrease in body fat, nutrient rich and contains sufficient amounts of animal fat and protein foods, so that the body part of the storage of fat plump. Most of the internal tissue of the breast is fat, the content of fat in the breast increases, the normal development of the breast.

avoid nipple position is not clean:

> It is very important to clean the breasts of women with

avoid using hot and cold water to stimulate the breast:

breast extrusion by external force, there are two drawbacks: first, the internal soft tissue of the breast is easily damaged, or cause internal proliferation, etc.. The two is by external compression, the more easily change the external shape, so staying on the song of sagging breasts.

In women with The micro blood vessels around breast

do not wear a bra is not appropriate:

avoid strong extrusion:

appropriate to do breast exercises, gently massage can make the breast fullness. Do our exercise is one of the measures for the exercise of the breast, breast tissue has been basically sound of women is very important. In fact, exercise itself does not increase the breast, because there is no muscle in the breast. The purpose of the exercise is to make the breast under the chest muscle growth, the pectoral muscles will increase the breast looks outstanding, breast is big.

bogey do not exercise:

, by hot or cold water stimulation are extremely unfavorable, if you choose to bath or bath, but can not long soak in hot or cold water, otherwise it will make the breast soft tissue relaxation, can cause dry skin.

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