did Taobao business people should know about the new year when the shop’s business is not bad, if you want to engage in the Taobao business, this time of the year when Taobao shops should be most indifferent to the lowest, aiming at the special circumstances, we make some point before you may be able to help save customer.

1. identify the main points of the holiday, the most insurance money!

this year and in previous years, the biggest difference is the Chinese new year date very reliable, Valentine’s day and the Spring Festival are separated by just 4 days, the eve of the lunar calendar date is February 19th, so in our shop the shopkeeper, the year before the intensive activity is unparalleled in previous years, and for the new year by the time, but also directly affect the the effect of preheating spring clothing category. Therefore, store the shopkeeper to express time node, the date of issue have a clear understanding, which directly affects the sales of stores to promote the spring festival.

the date of each festival, the warm-up time of each activity, the end time of each activity, and the company’s holiday time, these are to be recorded. By the time node, prepared in advance, to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong, in order to make the activities to achieve maximum effect.


2. rendering holiday effect, and


in the days of the Spring Festival approaching, the shopkeeper to store the work in the first place the entire program. A good shop internal strength, can promote the buyers to purchase desire, enhance the overall transformation of the store, to reduce the loss rate of jump. If we do not have to do it in time, then this year’s Spring Festival will greatly enhance the competitiveness of the greatly reduced.

the whole shop can be festive red, so that each shop customers feel the festive atmosphere. In the shop as a whole decoration at the same time, we have to identify the target population of the shop, make a gimmick. For example: send your parents, I discount! Travel worry free shopping, etc., can also be carried out in the shop to mail home activities, so that customers in the purchase of baby, while feeling the unique family of the spring festival. These combined with the store’s promotional activities, will be able to let the store in the spring Eve to get a qualitative upgrade.

3. shop announcement stated that the holiday money is also OK!

for most of the shops, the Spring Festival is a holiday the shopkeeper only years. Busy for a year, and finally to a thorough relaxation. At this time, how to make the store before continue to maintain competitiveness and conversion rate? At this time, a good shop announcement can completely solve the shopkeeper problems.

in the announcement, the first to reflect our promotional slogan and promotional information, we recommend to take small profits

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