February 3rd from the municipal labor and Social Security Bureau learned that, as of now the Bureau of migrant workers wages 44 million 640 thousand yuan, to protect the legitimate interests of migrant workers.

since the winter of 2008, the municipal labor and Social Security Bureau in a timely manner to carry out special inspection activities instead of clearing the wages of migrant workers to the financial crisis, as prices of raw materials caused by engineering construction enterprises shall not in place may lead to arrears of wages for migrant workers in the serious adjustment analysis, farming organization construction enterprises have to actively work human, the timely development of unexpected mass incidents due to improvement of wage arrears problem may be caused by the emergency plan. Up to now, the city cleared the wages of migrant workers 44 million 640 thousand yuan, involving more than 8000 migrant workers. In this year’s restructuring process, 80% is from the real estate business, which is characterized by a huge amount of arrears, involving a large number of people, easily lead to unexpected events. In the formation of the Complaints Bureau, Construction Bureau, real estate bureau and other departments jointly co-ordination, restructuring the Qinghai Guanghui construction company owed more than 200 migrant workers wages 1 million 680 thousand yuan, Zhejiang Huaxia Construction Company owed more than 500 people about 5000000 yuan wages, Dongyang three built in more than 500 people 6 million 400 thousand yuan wages, arrears of wages of migrant workers will eventually arrive, to ensure that migrant workers on the eve of the Spring Festival is not due to wage arrears and stranded in Xining.


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