for the Taohe River, Gansu people know more than the people of Qinghai, Tao river rises in our province, it has a vital role in the economic development of southern Gansu. The day before, the State Forestry Administration approved the establishment of Qinghai Tao Heyuan National Wetland Park, the wetland protection, restoration of wetland vegetation in Heyuan Tao, Tao River good water quality protection.


originated in the state of Huangnan province Henan County Xiqingshan Tao River, and the Huangshui River, is a tributary of the the Yellow River River upstream of the most important. At the same time, Tao River also known as floating fortress poems of the river, high adaptability, cen Shen, Wang Changling…… In the poet’s pen, it has been a layer of the cage on the tragic color. In the night before the "Tao Hebei, has been reported and tuguhun." In the Tang Dynasty poet Wang Changling’s "army", Tao River is a life and death fight battlefield. From ancient times, Tao River is a legendary river.

Tao Heyuan wetland is a Typical Alpine Wetland Ecosystem in Tibetan plateau. The park has abundant wildlife resources, 324 kinds of higher plants, 191 species of wild animal, which is a national level protected wild animal black necked cranes, golden eagles, two national protected wild animal swan, kite, Sparrowhawk 11.

according to the State Forestry Bureau approval, the construction period of Heyuan Wetland Park Tao for 7 years, from 2014 to 2020, will be the wetland protection and restoration of Wetland Park vegetation protection, Tao River, Yan Qu River water quality good. Appropriate to carry out with the characteristics of Qinghai wetland ecological tourism activities, the wetland park construction become a rational layout, complete infrastructure, the overall image of prominent, both science education and recreation, ecological and cultural characteristics of rich national wetland park, make it become the "protection and utilization to improve the construction model of wetland resources.


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