in order to further strengthen food safety supervision in 2010 before the Spring Festival, to crack down on illegal food production and management, ensure the safety of food hygiene during the holiday season, according to the Xining municipal government and the Xining Municipal Food and Drug Safety Coordination Committee, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau seriously arrangements during the festival of catering industry food safety supervision, health supervision departments at all levels in January 15, 2010 in Xining City, all kinds of catering units of the inspection work before the spring festival. As of now, the city has dispatched health inspectors 1388 passengers, vehicles 198 times, check all kinds of catering units 8629 times.

inspection law enforcement personnel requirements of the catering units in accordance with the strict operation health food processing requirements, to prevent cross contamination of food, prohibited the use of non food substances and the abuse of food additives, strengthen the tableware disinfection work, conscientiously do a good job of accounting, certificate of work during the Spring Festival, strictly implement centralized dining registration review system, and in accordance with the requirements of good sample work. For the existence of three prevention facilities are not complete, tableware disinfection is not standardized, the raw material is not consistent with the food safety risks of the unit in a timely manner to propose corrective measures to urge the relevant units for rectification. On the existence of serious health problems of the unit administrative penalties, which banned undocumented households 4, suspend the operation of the 27, ordered to correct the 178, warning of a fine of 18, a fine of $11100.

from the beginning of February 1st, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau to further increase the inspection frequency and the punishment of all kinds of catering units, at the same time before the sanitation supervision and security supervision, supervision and inspection of the work before the protection of four districts and three counties, in order to eliminate food safety problems existing in catering industry.


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