in order to adapt to the current complex animal epidemic situation, promote our province sudden major animal epidemic emergency management, improve emergency response capabilities, to ensure effective control and eradication of sudden major animal epidemic, promote animal husbandry efficiency, farmers and herdsmen, August 3rd, sponsored by the province of major animal diseases and plant pests and diseases prevention and control headquarters, Tongren County Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of major animal disease prevention and control headquarters, major animal disease prevention and control headquarters for disposal of the province’s major animal disease emergency response drills held in Tongren County, Huang Nanzhou.

in our province is a big province of animal husbandry, the provincial government has always attached great importance to the work of animal epidemic prevention for major animal epidemic prevention and control work has taken a series of positive and effective measures, formulate long-term animal disease prevention and control planning, the province’s animal epidemic prevention foundation strengthening.

the exercise simulated the occurrence of a small ruminant ruminant animal epidemic situation in a cooperative farm emergency treatment. According to the "People’s Republic of China animal epidemic prevention law", "major animal epidemic emergency regulations", "pprvwhile prevention emergency", "pprvwhile prevention technology standard" relevant provisions, exercise of epidemic discovery and early disposal, emergency response, emergency response and emergency response and the termination of the three subjects in the aftermath of the disposal. The participating personnel technical experts, disinfection of source and animal slaughter, quarantine supervision, harmless treatment, emergency immunization, medical protection, market supervision, public security and other 12 emergency unit, drill site operation and video display at the same time.

emergency drills, organized by the province’s eighth major animal disease prevention and control emergency drills. The major animal epidemic emergency drills to enhance the province’s major animal epidemic emergency rapid response capability and management level, the inspection departments at all levels across the province, headquarters of the organization coordinated operation ability, exercise the emergency reserve emergency practice ability, to lay a solid foundation for our province all kinds of effective prevention and control of major animal diseases.


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