ten years exhibition, friends all over the world; ten years exhibition, create brilliant. The 2013 China (Qinghai) International Exhibition of Tibetan carpets lasted for 5 days at sunset on June, 24. This exhibition is an international and professional level achieved by quantitative to qualitative leap, exhibitors, buyers, exhibits species number, trade sales and cooperation project agreement of intent, amount of foreign trade orders, such as the number of all the audience to achieve new breakthroughs. During the fair transaction volume reached $101 million 700 thousand, the most for the previous year, an increase of 22.5% over the previous exhibition economic effect achieved a new breakthrough.

according to the Provincial Department of Commerce Deputy Director Wang Jingping introduced, in close cooperation with all parties involved, we jointly hosted a "international standard, features highlight, simple and pragmatic, fruitful and far-reaching influence, the success of" the international carpet exhibition.

– the professional exhibition of rich connotation: the world’s seven major producer of handmade carpets in the summer exhibition participants, 9 countries, 110 enterprises to green exhibitors, exhibitors from home and abroad more than 400 kinds of varieties, the number reached 120 tons, a record. Products covering domestic wool, cashmere, silk, cashmere and camel hair as the main raw materials, hand woven carpets, tapestries, innovative products continue to emerge. Exhibitors participating enterprises at home and abroad to showcase the collection of cultural characteristics, characteristics of the process, the quality of the quality of the industry to participate in the exchange of participants, a large increase in high-end handmade art tapestry, favored by the public.

– show significant economic effect: 5 days, the pavilion attracted nearly 260 thousand people inside and outside the province to visit the exhibition exhibition procurement, effect has an important guiding role to the concept of consumer. Qinghai zangyang carpet (Group), nature carpet yarn carpet enterprises and domestic flowers, the East, ward, and other large Shengdi manufacturers and buyers to carry out marketing negotiations and other pragmatic cooperation and exchange, a carpet processing production line and raw materials processing project investment intentions of nearly 1 billion yuan.

highlights the Tibetan culture in Qinghai: a comprehensive display of the Tibetan province of our country has a long history and splendid culture, so that the world more in-depth understanding of Qinghai, Qinghai, and promote Tibetan cultural exchanges and cooperation. Through a series of features with rich Tibetan culture, Tibetan furniture, Thangka Duixiu, Tibetan jewelry, Buddhist supplies, Tibetan costumes, Tibetan medicine, Tibetan wine and other specialty products exhibition, the Tibetan culture essence reflected, attracting domestic and foreign merchants and the audience interest.

service level super Hannover Exhibition: Exhibition held successfully, thanks to the cooperation of the organizers, public security, fire protection, customs and other departments, organized provides comprehensive security for the success of the show; the exhibition must be highly comprehensive security services the world’s largest participants and auxiliary materials exhibition operators Domotex executives, think the service level of International Carpet Exhibition over Germany Hannover exhibition, reached the international first-class level. (author: Fang Xu)

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