first, the cause of sagging breasts

4, eat breast food

lettuce: it is the traditional breast vegetables, eat together with yam, chicken liver, blood can be nursed back to health, promote breast nutrition supply, can improve the skin’s moisture and color sense.

a lot of white-collar workers do not pay attention to sitting in the office, in fact, is not sitting in the chest sagging, and if you have signs of sagging chest, then you should adjust their posture.

from a medical point of view, the doctor gave OL advice: choose a good underwear, underwear, good elasticity, high permeability suitable underwear can be chest support in place, avoid involuntary chest sagging in the busy work. And do not blindly believe that the market of some breast drugs, do moderate exercise is beneficial to strengthen the exercise chest muscle, but in fact, for the prevention and treatment of chest sagging effect is not very significant.

2, postural adjustment

two, how to prevent sagging chest

first, is its own genetic factors.

second is a different degree of development of each girl, relative to the gravity of the chest is also different.

beans, green beans and black beans: they are well-known breast food, rich in protein and lecithin. Chicken wings (especially wings and wing tips)

1, choose a suitable underwear

in the intense work, may wish to take a small amount of time to do chest stretching exercise, 3 to 5 times a day, each lasting for 5 minutes, can effectively prevent sagging breasts. The night before the massage is also very important, is successively clockwise, counterclockwise rotate around the breast massage, until RF reddish skin micro heat until, finally pulling the nipple several times.

experts suggest that women in the workplace, pay attention to posture, sitting chest rise; walk straight back to sleep; when the supine or lateral position, less prone to do deep breathing. These are conducive to prevent the use of the computer too long caused by sagging chest.

third, when the age is lighter, the internal thoracic ligament is tight, the skin is also relatively compact, and with the increase of age, the ability of ligament will also decrease, the skin also began to relax the trend, so also will cause sagging breasts.

3, chest movement

papaya: it is the food of choice for breast, sweet nature, served with red dates like blood nourishing food, with stomachic tonic, prolactin, Tiaojing Qi, nourishing the body, also has therapeutic effect on dyspepsia.

: walnut and pine nuts are rich in vitamin E and zinc, especially rich in linolenic acid, can delay the senescence of breast, in addition to protein, minerals, vitamin B is also very rich, is a beauty salon moisturizing jiapin. Corn is rich in vitamin E, also known as breast health food experts.

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