entered in October this year, Huangyuan focused on financial resources, focusing on health care, drinking water, poverty alleviation, immigration, environmental protection, education and other aspects of the people for the 12 things one by one.

Huangyuan has always been to improve people’s livelihood as a priority. In recent years, the urgent need to solve the problems and problems of the masses to sort out and integrate it, take out more than 80% of the financial resources, to the "10 things", "the reality of the matter" in the form of "packaged" implementation. This year, Huangyuan county is the 12 things private project including investment 190 million yuan to start the construction of Dahua Reservoir; complete public kindergarten facilities, pre-school education and occupation education to achieve full tuition free; invest 121 million yuan for the construction of low rent public rental housing, renovation of dilapidated buildings in rural areas, rural housing subsidies reward implementation; the whole village poverty alleviation in 11 villages and 5 villages in remote poverty relocation project etc..

in solving the "difficulty" and "expensive", the county’s urban and rural residents medical insurance rates were 96% and 98%, the actual reimbursement of hospitalization expenses reached above 70%, and the establishment of urban and rural residents serious illness protection system, to 30 yuan per capita ratio of the establishment of major disease protection fund, security measures will, uremia, leukemia and other 21 categories of serious illness in the children’s protection and assistance, medical assistance object hospital medical expenses the actual compensation ratio reached 90%. County hospital emergency center project has been completed, with the real tower bay, Dahua, Ba Yan 6 health center building has been basically completed; the investment of 3 million 750 thousand yuan and 1 million 380 thousand yuan investment in the CDC laboratory clinic Chengguan town hospitals comprehensive building project has started construction.


this year for the 12 things, it is worth mentioning that, in order to solve the mountain farmers to safe drinking water, 3 million 310 thousand yuan investment in the Ba Yan Ji covered 3 village drinking water safety project and Huangyuan third middle school, the middle school, Dahua safe drinking water project in July started construction, after the implementation of the project, the problem of drinking water can be to solve the 541 households, 2274 people, 1606 livestock and 1582 teachers and students. (author: Su Feng)

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