sowing day 55 acres, cost only 1250 yuan; people broadcast 385 people, the cost was 23100 yuan

in April 12th, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County new North Tibetan countryside Jiwacun Guoliang vegetable cooperatives large field, a tractor with a "Moon Mountain" brand vegetable planter and farming, attracted me, open vegetable producing areas of the relevant departments of the staff interest. This is the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry, held in the county, the province’s mechanized planting site will observe the scene.

according to the Datong Guoliang vegetable cooperatives chairman Li Guoliang introduced in 2009 to 1000 yuan per catty, cooperatives imported from Japan, the "red bright seven inch red carrot, and planted more than and 600 acres of grain, because the carrot seeds small, difficult to reach 1 seeds per hole on demand requirements, based on the traditional farming cooperatives mechanical function and structure on the independent research and development of the" Moon Mountain "brand vegetable planter. After two years of practical application and improvement, has now made various qualification certificates, and applied for a national patent. Last year, the cooperatives will be expanded to more than 2 thousand and 800 acres of carrot cultivation, when the income of nearly $3 million, of which $about 2000000 mainly from the harvest, harvest time, the province’s labor costs.

will observe, cooperative Gallery fertilization, rotary tillage, ridging, furrow, on-demand, harrowing, spraying, shock pressure of one of the eight "Moon Mountain" brand vegetable planter cultivation process. The machine is divided into 8 lines and 4 lines of two kinds of models, effectively solve the long-standing constraints in our province the open-air vegetable artificial planting high cost effect open-air vegetable planting area, especially to solve the late summer and early autumn vegetable cropping due to the lack of labor is not the problem, fill the province vegetable planting eight integrated farming mechanical blank.

at the scene, Li Guoliang to reporters calculations, vegetable planting machinery 8 line, every day to sow carrots 55 acres, need to operate hand and auxiliary workers 3 people, machinery and labor costs 1250 yuan, the equivalent of 385 labor 1 days on demand (pre need complete manual spraying, fertilizing, ridging, rake and grinding post earthquake pressure link) workload. If calculated according to 60 yuan per worker per day, only on-demand links per mu to save more than 20 thousand yuan. In addition, the artificial planting of carrot seed per acre to 0.8 pounds, now with a precise mechanical seeding point a grain, a pound of seed sowing to 3 acres of land, and carrot high germination rate, but also improve the commodity rate of 10%.

according to the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry economic crops department director Wang Huilin, China Datong vegetable cooperatives developed "Moon Mountain" brand vegetable planter, in addition to sowing carrot, also can sow size of baby food, rape and other small particles of seed sowing, very suitable for promotion in the province’s vegetable producing counties. At present, the province’s open vegetable planting area of 452 thousand and 500 acres, accounting for the total area of vegetable cultivation of 60.3%. If the machine is suitable for large-scale farming cooperatives in the province to promote its benefits will be immeasurable. (author: Luo Lianjun)

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