In Xining the east exit of the Huangshui River, a block covers an area of 1283 acres of land that is striking, known as the Xining city of the lung, artificial lake wetland ecology oxygen ning. After 3 years of construction, Ning Lake Wetland main project has been completed, has started trial operation, free of charge to the public. What are the expectations and concerns of Lake wetland? Newspaper reporter for your visit.

– reed rippling waterfowl frolicking

into Ning Lake wetland, walk along a winding corridor, in the breeze, on both sides of a piece of reed, cattail, rippling.Although this is just

– lotus pond fishing Pavilion

enjoying the green reeds and cattails pool, show in front of the green pond. There are fish, frogs and water lilies in the pond. In the middle of the pond there is a unique shape of the pavilion, through the spacious path along the cliff, you can go directly to the pavilion. In the pavilion, people can not only enjoy the view, but also for fishing.

– night view do not have a tasteA

in Nanjing Lake Wetland along the viewing with energy-saving solar lamp installation, let the night to enjoy the scenery, do not have a taste.

– bus guide:

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