reporter learned from the Qinghai provincial holiday office, during the Spring Festival holiday this year, Qinghai tourism presents gradually hot trend. At the same time, because of the introduction of different spring festival tourism feast, so this year, the festival tourism form from the previous "one" to "the number of tourist reception rich multicolored decorations, all increased significantly.

it is reported that, during the Spring Festival holiday, in addition to ice and snow, ice, folk custom tour, all over the province launched a rich and colorful culture of the spring festival tourism activities, allowing visitors to feast their eyes, tasting. Only the first month, the beginning of the month two, Xining tourism revenue of more than $twenty million, the province has a growing trend of tourists. The Kumbum Monastery, Huangnan and Huangyuan show lights Regong Art and other traditional tourist market a huge attraction, plus more fresh spring festival theme tourism activities continue to join, the next few days, Qinghai will continue to refresh the number of tourist reception.

according to the Qinghai provincial Holiday Office statistics show that the first month of the first month, the city of Xining tourists 12 thousand and 900 passengers, tourism revenue of $8 million 110 thousand, East Sea city tourists 6038 passengers, tourism revenue of $1 million 303 thousand and 600. Only in January 31st, the completion of the highway passenger traffic 117 thousand and 600 passengers, an increase of 13.5% over last year. Railway passenger 8616 passengers, Xining airport passenger throughput of up to 4992 passengers.


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