Reporters from the city public road temporary parking lot management center was informed that during the Spring Festival, in order to give the general public to create a happy and peaceful atmosphere, according to the municipal government arrangements, from the center to the third day of the Lunar New Year’s Eve, under the jurisdiction of 147 city road parking lot are free parking, lunar new year return to normal charges.

– detailed address:

West Area: Shen Bao building, Shengli Road, electronic city gate, Qinghai victory road in front of the bank, Xing Hai Lu Dong Duan Xing Hai Lu, on the South and north sides of the South and West, Hu Tai Xing Hai Lu middle lane section, the tiger Taiwan three lane, Xishan Lane, lane, Kunlun, Xinhua, south traffic lane, victory the road in front of Cyberspace

East District: Burson Road, Cao Zhai market entrance, Bowen Road, provincial hospital, South Street, off Victory Lane and Kang Xiyi lane, lane, Delingha Road, Ma Suo Wei Min Xiang, Qing Ying lingxiucheng, Beiguan Street

: Bridge Street North District Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Jian Bei Xiang, Jian Zhong Xiang Lei Jia Xiang, Hui, Hakka, Kun Yu Hotel, west door double, the two road, a small garden, Jinzhu pharmaceutical  

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