operating expired food is illegal, it is possible to cause harm to the body of students, I hope you consciously self-discipline……" The morning of May 6th, near the city of Xining in the New South Village Middle School general supermarket, the provincial food and Drug Administration and the Xining Department of industry and commerce, law enforcement officers are food safety education, in order to maintain its surrounding food consumption safety school in our province to the supermarket boss, in and around the campus food safety special rectification work in May officially kicked off.

in recent years, how to guarantee the safety of food around the campus in primary and secondary schools has been a community wide concern, in this regard, the provincial food and drug administration combined with industry and commerce, education, urban management and other related departments from May to June this year, September to October, focusing on the period, with the campus and its surrounding 200 meters in key areas the main food for the student run small supermarkets, convenience stores, the fresh small workshops and other business units to focus on children’s food establishments, strengthen supervision and inspection and enforcement, deployed to carry out special rectification work.

the special rectification work will highlight the behavior to carry out an inventory of illegal business of food, food processing, sales of regional food operators, as well as food and raw materials warehouse to conduct a comprehensive inspection, carefully check the expired food, food spoilage and food labeling is not standardized and no manufacturer, no production date, shelf life, no food production license no, food labels such as "five no" food, and recall the shelf delisting food; highlight the fresh small workshops of rectification, urging the operators to do food establishments and environmental health practitioners and health certificate additives publicity, invoice and other regulatory measures work; supervise food business operators to fulfill the purchase inspection and the inspection records and other legal responsibilities and obligations, to further strengthen coordination and cooperation with relevant departments to effectively solve the problem of food Small workshops and food vendors such as supervision and management; strengthen the campus surrounding children’s food supervision and inspection efforts, especially focus on the campus and its surrounding children’s consumption of large "hot", puffed food, snack food, convenience food, dairy products, beverages, ice cream, cakes and other food to carry out supervision and sampling, and sampling quality organization the unqualified product market inventory work.


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