experts suggest that female friends: in addition to self-examination every month, women of childbearing age should go to the hospital every year to receive a medical examination, once a year breast molybdenum palladium check, you can stay away from breast cancer.

experts suggest: 20 year old women, every month to carry out a self-examination of the breast; women aged between 20 and for a clinical examination in 2-3 years; > >

are fried chicken provoke disaster

annual breast examination, life away from breast cancer

following eight types of women should pay close attention to breast health: a family history of breast cancer; the age of menarche before the age of 12, irregular menstrual cycle, menopause after age 55 or the more than 42 years; a bad diet, such as eating high-fat low fiber foods; long-term use of hormone drugs obesity;; nulliparous or primiparous age older than 35 years, or the first postpartum breastfeeding before childbirth had repeated abortion; history of benign breast disease, such as breast hyperplasia; radiation history and lifestyle, such as smoking.

to do early treatment must be early detection. First of all, we should attach great importance to the routine examination of breast. The breast is located on the surface of the body, when the lesions occur, physical examination is often easier to find.

do not think that young breast cancer will not find you, 80 more and more dangerous

at the same time, environmental pollution, food contamination and other adverse effects on young women’s hormonal changes, but also to increase the risk of breast cancer in young women. Furthermore, in the city after the birth of women to push the time, there are some women blindly taking weight loss drugs, health products and other breast tumors are closely related to the increase.

hospital to take into account the special circumstances of the girl, first let her receive chemotherapy, shrink the tumor and then do breast conserving surgery, Professor Tian remind young women, do not think that cancer will not find young people. In addition, women should eat less fat, high calorie food, more exercise, the most important thing is to regularly screening.

particularly noteworthy is the "80" young women, because of work pressure, fast-paced life, often neglect their own health; some female mental burden, poor sleep, lifestyle disorders lead to endocrine disorders, will become the cause of breast disease. In addition, high protein, high fat diet, women early menarche late menopause, lead to hormonal maintained at a high level.

to Chinese foreign star, "the female killer" breast cancer continue to bring people shocking regret. The incidence of breast cancer is not terrible, terrible is that we can not be found as soon as possible.


girl was touched by breast lumps to the hospital, after examination confirmed the diagnosis of breast tumor. Girls do not have a family history of breast cancer, but usually like to eat high-fat foods, especially fried chicken. Professor Tian introduced, like fried foods in addition to containing high fat, there are a lot of estrogen, long-term consumption will cause breast disease.

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