Reporters from the City Finance Bureau was informed that the first 11 months of this year, Xining City Finance Bureau a total expenditure of 682 million 20 thousand yuan, for health, education, social security and other areas of investment, in an effort to increase the area of people’s livelihood security investment.

it is reported that this year, the City Finance Bureau will adhere to solve the masses are most concerned about, the most direct, the most realistic interests as the starting point and end point of financial management. To maximize the financial funds, in accordance with the request of the public finance construction, adhere to the new financial resources for most of the principle of people’s livelihood, adjust the expenditure structure, improve the people’s livelihood investment growth mechanism, improving the financial livelihood security force. 1-11 in the region’s fiscal expenditure was 682 million 20 thousand yuan, which is used for education, health care, social security, forestry and water affairs and other livelihood expenses for 485 million 120 thousand yuan, accounting for 71.13% of the total expenditure, compared with the same period last year incremental 208 million 780 thousand yuan, an increase of 75.55%.

resources to the people’s livelihood tilt, not only promote the development of tangible things, actively and effectively implement the social security policy, but also improve the people’s livelihood security and promote the level of treatment, improve the urban and rural residents of the social security system, to make a positive contribution to the region’s economy and society to achieve sound and rapid development. (

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