over the past few days, many people call the newspaper news hotline 96369 reflect, Xining tea garden and limited the minimum consumption, and receive all kinds of tableware disinfection costs.

complaints: mandatory consumption should also receive tableware disinfection fee

May 12th, coincides with Sunday, Mr. Yi took his family to a company called East Nanchuan City area mangrove garden tea garden. In order to find that consumers must be ordered according to the waiter’s request. In desperation, Mr. Yi succumb to the waiter’s request, ordered a few dishes. Later, he was told that there must be enough points to 350 yuan, or can only sit in the hall, when the hall has long been occupied.

finally checkout, 15 yuan tableware costs more let Mr. Yi annoyed, "should be provided by the tea utensils, finally also charge, too irritating." Yi said.

Merchants: a willing to play a wish to get

in this regard, the reporter visited the provincial capital of a number of tea garden found that the mandatory consumption, the lowest consumption, the phenomenon of tableware disinfection fees generally exist. Nine antelope villa West District, an unnamed official said, is to spend the leisure tea consumption, 349 money is normal. Especially in the summer, tea is a table is hard to find, if a table only a few tens of millions of dollars of food dishes, then lose money. "For the tea garden fee requirements, we are to inform consumers in advance, if we can not meet the requirements, will not give the table." Tea boss revealed.

at the same time, the merchant tableware disinfection costs passed on to consumers, has become the unspoken rules of the catering industry". The fees for each of the tableware Disinfection Company store at 0.8 yuan, and store it to consumers to pay the cost of 1 yuan, not only can make the difference, but also save money, so they knowingly violate.

relevant departments: illegal catering enterprises can report

The provisions of

Province, the price supervision and Inspection Bureau: this year, from catering, entertainment industry for the air conditioning fee, tea fees, tableware disinfection fee equivalent to the expenses, the warning is still not rectification, norms of catering enterprises, the price supervision and inspection departments of the price violations severely punished according to law. If the food and beverage enterprises have price violations, the public can call the price report 8212358, once verified, the relevant departments will be punished according to the law severely punished enterprises. (author: Mo Qing)

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