"some of my friends are coming from Chengdu, so you can make a room for them in Xining." This summer, the people of Xining had received in Chengdu lead Laochen calls. Lao Chen said, "Chinese xiadou" the brand is known, very attractive.

in recent years, Xining city in the sing "Chinese xiadou" of the city tourism brand, exert the regional advantage and the radiation effect of capital city, tourist attractions and tourist products with ACE as a leader, tree image, brand, strengthen industry management, promote the development of Xining tourism industry.

November 13th, the reporter learned from relevant departments, the gradual development of the tourism industry in Xining has become a new growth point of the national economy. The total number of tourist reception increased from 6 million 892 thousand and 300 in 2007 to a total of 9 million 813 thousand and 400 passengers in 2011, and the total tourism revenue increased from $3 billion 95 million in 2007 to $5 billion 616 million in 2011. At the same time, Xining’s tourism investment continues to increase, tourism facilities continue to improve. Tourism accommodation conditions improved significantly, in 2011 the city of Xining reached more than 20 three-star hotel; reception capacity significantly increased, the travel agency from the year of 2007 to 186 in 2011 to 165.

in order to solve the difficult problem of the tourist season accommodation, Xining City, vigorously support the development of small and micro Hotel, at the end of September this year, there are 98 small hotels have opened. The increasing number of tourist shopping outlets, in 2011 the number of wholesale and retail outlets reached 37 thousand, forming a high, medium and low grade of the commodity distribution network, scenic spots, tourist attractions to develop the characteristics of tourism products to attract tourists. Mo Jie, Huade delicacy City neighborhood characteristics, restaurants also attract many tourists, in 2011, the city of Xining has more than 5400 outlets in the catering industry. (author: Zhang Pu)

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