in order to make the election work more stringent, the election of clean and honest, Xining North District 38 village candidates will sign a clean election campaign commitments.

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, the North District has completed the village and community "two committees" primary election work, for the completion of general work in the round before December 15th. In order to make the election work more stringent, North District, the village committee candidates will sign a clean campaign promises. The book includes: no commitment to threats, intimidation, deception, impairing the voters to exercise their right to vote and to be elected; not by banquets, gifts of cash, securities and all kinds of gifts, and take a verbal commitment after the election to give a form of interest and engage in canvassing bribery activities; not to participate in election rigging, tracking and monitoring false, entrust, posting posters of unfair activities seven commitments.

signed a letter of intent of the candidates will accept the supervision of all villagers, if there is a breach of promise, the candidate will be organized, and bear the corresponding legal responsibility.


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