April 12th, Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau North Branch of law enforcement officers in the north of the city with the public security departments, in Xining with the hotel to investigate suspected fraud cases, involving up to 10 yuan.

March 25th, the North Branch received consumer complaints, said it participated in a group claiming to be the General Hospital of PLA (301 Hospital) free physical examination and medical personnel health organization expert lectures, after being diagnosed with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, in the "experts" strongly recommended, buying the "Bao Yuan soft capsule" drugs, but home that is not a drug but to buy health care products. After receiving a complaint, immediately north of the city industrial and commercial bureau deployed personnel, in cooperation with public security departments, according to the law with the hotel were examined and found hundreds of elderly people are around more than 30 dressed in white "angels" around, accept the "free" blood tests, manometry, consulting and other services, through their careful treatment, the majority of people have varying degrees of "existence" of cardiovascular disease, then they take "Zuozhen promotion" and "the General Hospital of PLA (301 Hospital) name of production", to 498 yuan a box of high priced health care products will be suspected of posing drugs "Baoyuan soft capsule" sales to patients "".

after preliminary investigation and verification, the gang responsible person of Beijing a woman surnamed Guo, since mid March this year, she hired temporary idle personnel 32, successively in the Xining Mansion, Taihe Hotel, hotel, hotel, Howard heroudilong hotels in General Hospital of PLA Hongyu "experts Zuozhen" is the name of the middle and old aged people to high priced sales of health products posing as a drug for more than ten times, involving more than 10 yuan.

at present, the case has been transferred to the North City Public Security Bureau for further investigation. (author: Liu Junqing)


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