In order to implement the

three, Datong County to further broaden service channels, strengthen the service function, through the improvement of infrastructure construction, establish and improve services and improve work processes and other measures to build a convenient services platform, and further deepened the relationship between the broad masses of the people.

Datong County Public Security Bureau, the Bureau of justice due to the relocation of the new address to bring great inconvenience to the masses. For the convenience of the masses, the staff to give up lunch time, half an hour earlier work and delayed half an hour to work, to provide the maximum time for business to the masses; also set up a midday service window and noon duty posts, saves the work of the masses from the road far, noon waiting time, really for the masses to bring the convenient. Datong County Bureau of health and family planning for patients go through the formalities for the process is complicated, the masses are discharged "running", advance notice procedures material matters, a plurality of service window set in a room, a "one-stop" services for patients. Xinzhuang Town to create a service window, respectively established party service and comprehensive service, social services and health management service center 4, perfect service facilities, clear work processes, publicity duty table, desk set up to provide convenient, all-weather service for the work of the masses. Datong County Bureau of land and resources to establish the "Easy Access service" mode, to provide fast processing services for the elderly, the disabled and other special groups, the special people can not work in time to apply for the registration of land reservation service and service delay etc..


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