in the 38 women’s Day approaching, March 7th, the provincial health and Family Planning Commission informed the provincial media in the province of women’s health in 2015. In 2015, along with the deepening reform of the medical and health system, promote maternal and child health services activities, the province’s basic public health and maternal major public health service equalization to further improve the level of maternal and child health, work steadily, health status of women improved.

my maternal and child’s major public health service projects in an orderly manner, to further standardize the agricultural and pastoral areas of maternal hospital childbirth subsidy process, childbirth subsidy 500 yuan per capita in the province’s 55 thousand rural women’s access to pastoral areas. Women in rural and pastoral areas completed 129 thousand cases of cervical cancer, breast cancer examination in 58 thousand cases, for the diagnosis of patients with cancer of the "two" to give each person 10000 yuan relief. Prevention of AIDS, syphilis and hepatitis B mother to child transmission work in full swing. Complete free pre pregnancy health examination 84 thousand and 600. For the province’s 70 thousand women of childbearing age free folic acid supplement. At the same time, our province maternal and child health services improved, maternal health care management system has been continuously strengthened, the maternal and child health services, primary health care institutions to comprehensively carry out the basic public health of maternal and child health services, strengthen early filing, prenatal, hospital delivery, postpartum visit and management of high risk pregnant women, provide standardized health care service system for pregnant women, and constantly improve the level of management. In addition, the further improvement of women’s health in our province. The delivery rate of pregnant and lying in women in the province was further improved, and the maternal mortality rate showed a downward trend.


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