as a chowhound, your life is what kind of experience is not always walking in the street, attracts you the most is the food stalls, is not the smell of roasted sweet potato flavor in the winter time, always can not help but want to buy. There is not the smell of the right to eat the taste of Korea, always can not help drooling. Mr. Right Korean food products? Tastes of many, not give you the same enjoyment of taste. Mr. Han joined the right to eat more rich and more delicious, consumers eager to taste, the right to invest Mr. Han meal, the prospect of a good!


right Korean food restaurant is opened by the Ji’nan theme fast-food chain catering services limited to the launch of the flagship product, to 80, 90 catering to the mainstream consumer, with a piece of meat and vegetables to create delicious delicacy experience. Mr. Right original Korean food ssambap, designed to do business, so the main features of dishes, popularity exuberant nature.

Mr. Right Korean food product line is rich and varied, nine kinds of combinations to capture countless fans. Mr. Han dishes the right combination of sell, collocation is more reasonable, enhance the ordering rate for turnover, profit more lucrative, classic Korean Trend delicacy sections are good taste, everything can capture chowhound stomach.

right Korea meal cast new dining experience, no longer passive meals and other meals, but their own DIY. Yes, this is the right to eat Korean food from the package DIY creative theme restaurant dining.

Mr. Han products right? No need to say, is good. Mr. Right of Korean food with low cost, high profit, and customer acclaim, customer retention rate is high. Franchise is a wise choice!

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