This year the city to vigorously promote the construction of major water conservancy projects at the same time, pay more attention to people’s livelihood and water conservancy construction, to the safety of drinking water, irrigation improvement, agricultural water conservancy facilities facilities, river, water and soil conservation, reservoir reinforcement, flood channel governance as the focus of water conservancy infrastructure construction, various livelihood projects blossom everywhere.

I this year to accelerate the implementation of flood control and watershed management in Xining by the world bank loan project, Huangyuan Dahua Reservoir Project, rural water conservancy project, the first sewage treatment plant mentioned standard renovation project and a number of key livelihood water conservancy projects, the implementation of project goal forced mechanism, in the premise to ensure safety, co-ordination arrangements, scientific organization fine starting time, the progress of investment, construction progress of the project management, accelerate the key livelihood water conservancy project construction speed. At the same time, through the implementation of the safety of drinking water, irrigation improvement, soil and water conservation and other livelihood water conservancy project, solved 50 thousand people and 50 thousand head of this year (only) of livestock drinking water security issues, improve irrigation area of 50 thousand acres, soil erosion area of 80 square kilometers.

let the springs flow into thousands of households, moistens farmhouse happy life. The people’s livelihood project is a set of economic, social and ecological benefits in one of the Huangyuan Dahua Reservoir at the end of October this year to start the construction of the project, a total investment of 193 million yuan, the total reservoir capacity of 4 million 262 thousand and 200 cubic meters, 7 million 710 thousand cubic meters of the total water supply. The completion of the project to the macro regulating water resources, solve the near and long-term Dahua town of 8 villages, 12410 people and 9928 head (only) drinking water, livestock, 3210 acres of arable land Lara River irrigation water and the Chengguan town of Huangyuan County residents living water, at the same time, can effectively solve the Huangyuan County as a result of social and economic development brings the increase in water consumption contradiction and deficiency of existing water content.  

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