concern in the province in 2015 college entrance examination results will be released on the eve of the afternoon of June 26th. Zhaoban also issued a reminder to the majority of students and parents: at present in the society about our province college entrance examination scores are published and even the contents of rumors, candidates and parents do not believe all the authoritative information issued by the provincial Zhaoban prevail.

reporter learned that our province college entrance examination results released on the same day, the majority of candidates through the following channels: one is the college entrance examination scores query personal log in Qinghai recruitment information network query two is free; free inquiry via SMS, the SMS editor "GKCJ ticket number" Qinghai local mobile phone were sent to 10629365; three is free to query by Qinghai recruitment WeChat public number Qinghai recruit. In order to avoid network congestion delay candidates get personal performance information, hope the majority of candidates try to query through a variety of ways.

and 2015 national college enrollment plan has been released in the youth and professional. According to the plan, more than two scores of candidates to fill the foreign language professional volunteer, should be on July 2nd -3 to participate in the foreign language exam in Qinghai Normal University. Participated in the German subjects exam candidates, please pay special attention to the selection of the election of colleges and universities to recruit only English language candidates. Fill separately in advance admission batch (undergraduate) in the military (including national defense, public security colleges) (judicial) candidates should be in June 29th to participate in the interview, June 30th -7 month 2 days of public security college students physical fitness test, and the military college students and psychological test for the military seized.

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