Seismological Bureau of Xining city to participate in the campaign of 2010 national science popularization day   in September 18, 2010, the city square in the center of the "low carbon economy development, promote low-carbon life" as the theme of the national science popularization day campaign, according to the deployment of the leading group in Xining City, the scientific quality of the arrangements, I actively participated in the Propaganda Bureau activity. To do a good job in the publicity, let the public to further understand the knowledge of earthquake disaster reduction, improve awareness of earthquake disaster reduction, grasp the suspension aid knowledge, I carefully prepared involved in Yushu earthquake, earthquake emergency rescue, post disaster self-help and mutual aid as the main content of the propaganda page 20, and proposed the "disaster reduction, and create a harmonious society" theme. On the day of the event, I board through the layout of the display panels, hanging banners, on-site consultation and other means of the past for the public to carry out targeted knowledge of earthquake disaster reduction knowledge. In the process of publicity, also accepted the news media interviews. The publicity, has achieved good results of the activities, the masses unanimously praised.  


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