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service consumption expenditure is one of the important signs of improving the quality of life of residents. Reporters from the National Bureau of investigation team was informed that Xining, at present, the city’s residents continue to update the concept of consumption, consumer behavior increasingly fashionable, transportation services, communications services and other aspects of the growing expenditure.

at present, the city has a lot of high-income households have a family car, in the first half, the city has 6.3 households per 100 households car, an increase of 46.5% over the previous year. The rapid growth of domestic cars, driven by the consumption of domestic car based transport services spending growth, the per capita household expenditure on transport services 57.03 yuan, an increase of 2.5 times.

at the same time, the popularity of cultural and sports facilities, the healthy development of community culture and entertainment market, to create a good environment and space for the residents of leisure entertainment, enrich people’s cultural life, exercise, fitness, entertainment has become a hot consumer household leisure, travel as residents enjoy one of the joys of life. In the first half, the per capita household expenditure on cultural and entertainment services spending 110.65 yuan, an increase of 20.3% over the previous year. Among them, the per capita growth of 85.5% for fitness activities, group travel and other expenses increased by nearly 4 times.

information consumption increased significantly in the first half, each household has a mobile phone, computer for 173.3 and 49.7 units, an increase of more than last year, respectively, and 6.4%. Access to the Internet, access to the cable TV network TV sets, respectively, 40.7, 95.7, respectively, accounting for their own ownership of 81.9% and 89.2%.

in addition, more and more people are liberated from the kitchen, people are no longer satisfied at home to eat, eat, the more pursuit of dining out of taste, quality and taste. Food and beverage consumption from the price based choice, to the price, taste, culture, services and other aspects of the change, the rapid development of the food and beverage industry. In the first half, the per capita consumption expenditure of households was 394.51 yuan, an increase of 7.5% over the previous year, accounting for food expenditure of 17%, accounting for service consumption of 31.5%.

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