In order to further enhance the quality of medical services, this year, the city’s public hospitals to implement all the performance appraisal, the move is also the city’s public hospitals to implement health care reform policy, to break the drug to support the medical dilemma of specific initiatives. September 8th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Health Bureau, the first half of the city’s public hospital performance appraisal report shows that: the city’s public hospitals in various medical services indicators have significantly changed over the same period last year.

I, the implementation of performance appraisal of public hospitals, to further deepen the reform of public hospitals to promote public hospitals to establish and improve the internal operation mechanism, establish good operational performance management, and promote hospital modernization, scientific and meticulous management, ensure medical safety. According to reports, the eight aspects of the city public hospital performance appraisal evaluation mechanism from the operation and management, medical and health services, economic operation and management, medical quality control, social masses and the establishment of a supervisory mechanism etc..

I see city public hospital performance evaluation and overall evaluation from the first half of the year: the city hospitals in the reform of public hospitals to further clarify the responsibility of the president and Dean of division of responsibility; have established medical staff paid envelopes rejected and incentive mechanism; strict implementation of the provincial drug supplies unified units to gather all kinds of system. Complete list of drugs. Meanwhile, from the beginning of April 1st, the city’s public hospitals have implemented zero sales of drugs, of which outpatient drug costs decreased by 14.46%.

in addition, regularly carry out the prescription of public hospital, strict management of the quality of medical records, to eliminate substandard medical department. In the first half of the city’s public hospitals no major medical errors and medical accidents. (author: Sheng Nan)


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