this year, the city of Xining traffic engineering construction, mainly in the smooth flow of integrated traffic, parking, direct bus three categories of projects with a total investment of about 730 million yuan. Currently, 95% of the planned investment has been completed, the provincial capital of a significant decline in the number of casualties in traffic accidents, pedestrian traffic order significantly improved, the main roads and crossings to improve traffic.

reporter learned yesterday from the Provincial Department of transportation, this year, the smooth flow of Xining project, 4 business projects, public welfare projects of the 12. Under the joint efforts of the member units, has completed a total investment of 697 million 199 thousand yuan, accounting for the annual plan of investment of $95%. Among them, the people’s Bank of isolation, road reconstruction, open up the broken road, Nanchuan Road comprehensive regulation, traffic marking, signal lamp, video surveillance, sunning Plaza parking lot, bus rapid transit, passenger boarding hub project, has completed the annual task plan. Pedestrian overpass, bridge lighting, parking lots and other projects are catching up with the construction period. The implementation of the above projects for the construction of the city of life, the city of happiness and the province’s livable land, leisure capital, to create a better traffic environment. (author: Ni Xiaoying)

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