women’s groups that dispute the contents of the advertisements, the beautiful women in standard definition of "chest", alluding to the breast with commodity with value, and the use of children to enjoy things will emulate the behavior, and then induce the pursuit of beauty and large breasts, not only relates to materialization of female body, has been seriously distorted children’s values, affect the physical and mental development of children.

, eat papaya every day whether it will affect the development? Wu Mingzhu said the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, green papaya breast not directly, eat every day for sexual precocity problem, but it has soft effect, whether children or adults, every day should avoid excessive intake, and as far as possible to mature fresh ingredients is preferred.

Ren, stomach, chest covered the kidney, lung and other complex endocrine meridians and system, can not only rely on the spleen and stomach meridian go green papaya breast enhancement effect is reached. While some women eat papaya stewed pork or pig after feeling chest becomes large, the key reason may be contained in meat protein and pectin, even Chinese herbal medicines produced by Tonifying Qi and nourishing effect, not exaggerated the efficacy of green papaya.

to encourage children to love beauty papaya advertising provoke controversy

for papaya breast enhancement argument, Chinese medicine practitioners also hold a reserved attitude. TCM doctor Wu Mingzhu said that many mothers with common clinical treatment of adolescent girls, complain to eat green papaya stewed pork or pig, the chest did not grow up; in fact, green papaya is not medicine, but the food, the main function is to invigorate the spleen, and stomach, wet, lungs, breast of at most only assisted digestion and nutrition the absorption effect only, and is not as good as people think so magical.

in addition, there is not enough scientific research to confirm the effect of eating papaya breast enhancement.

green papaya diet more emphasis on gastrointestinal conditioning

little girl as long as every day to eat papaya yogurt, the future can be as beautiful as my sister, have the fullness of the circumference? Recently, a green papaya yogurt drink breast TV advertising sparked controversy. Chinese medicine practitioners said that the main role of green papaya is to regulate the stomach, there is no direct breast enhancement effect, eat more useless, but may be harmful to health.

green papaya stew ribs rare clinical success of breast

some people think that green papaya enzymes can promote breast development, but the main function of these enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract, can help digestion and absorption, the ancients used by the green papaya in treatment of chronic gastritis, accelerate gastric mucosa repair, remarkable.

Children before puberty

in general, the daily intake of 100 grams of mature papaya to the principle of constipation, up to no more than 200 grams, diarrhea should not be consumed in order to avoid more serious;

spread to eat green papaya can breast enhancement, and modern people generally have "chest big is beautiful" or "chest is confident" stereotype, resulting in many brands of products on the market to the development of girls as a marketing object, claimed that drinking green papaya drink add ingredients, can make breasts bigger increase confidence and popularity.

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