In August 16th, a reporter from the Xining Legal Aid Center learned that in 2011, the city of Xining for legal aid cases for the first time since 2000, providing legal advice to more than 8300 people, which is equivalent to 365 days, with 6 cases for aid people every day, 23 times daily to provide legal advice, the basic realization of the "best aid should aid".

Xining Legal Aid Center Director Zhang introduced, as of now, the city has established a legal aid center 8, in Nanjing in the prison camp and workers, youth and women, the disabled and other units and township (street offices) established 120 legal aid station, in 128 communities of the city and 472 committees the establishment of the legal aid information officer. The establishment of migrant workers legal aid "Easy Access" in the three County Legal Aid Center of Xining city and four district assistance center, introduced 8 measures to safeguard the rights and interests of migrant workers legal aid and 9 convenience measures, legal aid work has become an important work to protect and improve people’s livelihood. (author: Zhang Yun)


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