In order to further promote the civilized behavior of citizens and improve the quality of citizens. Xining launched a comprehensive quality of the people to promote the project, people preach mission activities. The main activities to "tell the story of the people around him, to promote the process of civilization etiquette" as the theme, the report will form around about ordinary and touching stories, reflecting the valuable quality of advanced typical body of.

comity Street Office responded positively to the call of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, to explore, recommend the existence of "ordinary people, extraordinary things," the original author". Through the development of this activity, the office of the proposed area of retired cadres Comrade Shen Wancheng to participate in the people preach". Comrade Shen Wancheng after retirement, currently serves as executive director of the Xining City Folk Culture Association, specializes in the collection, selection of minor local flowers. Over the years, the collection of flowers has been selected in the CCTV "very 6+1", Qinghai TV, Qinghai news, Xining TV, Xining evening news, West City News, Xining Public Art Museum, north of the city cultural center, comity Street office, Jiefang Road community, "people square stage" and other media published reports. In May this year in the central square, the people of the big stage to get the people of the star week champion.

through the activity, we actively matchmaking, bypass, make the area more people on this platform to tell his story, the story around, take this activity to every corner of the city, improve the quality of civilization, promote civilized etiquette course. Sow the seeds of civilization to every household. (author: Wu Min)


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