April 21st to 22, Jing Zhanrong, deputy director of the provincial Civil Affairs Department led the provincial health care reform, the steering group on the progress of the city’s health care work carried out supervision. The steering group accompanied by the Municipal Health Bureau Director Liu Haonian, has depth to the Datong County, the county people’s Hospital, north of the city of Huangyuan District, West District, community center, Shenyang Village Center Hospital, Second Medical and Health Services Institute conducted on-site inspections, and health care workers in our city by listening to the report, held seminars and other forms of a detailed understanding of our city health care reform progress.
field supervision, municipal health bureau director Liu Haonian on behalf of the Municipal Office of health care reform deepening medical and health system reform work carried out a detailed report on Xining city. Members of the steering committee and representatives of the participating hospitals, community residents, patients on behalf of the discussion and exchange, listened to the views of medical staff, community residents and patient representatives.


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