recently, the Xining Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau of food circulation supervision and management of the dumplings market conducted a special inspection to prevent substandard and inferior dumplings into the market.

law enforcement officers, the shuttle in the high streets and back lanes supermarkets, every purchase, sales and so on to a sales staff asked in detail about the dumplings of raw materials, and the random sampling inspection samples and raw materials for the production of pre packaged rice dumplings, asked whether the staff have health certificate and other conditions, strict implementation of food safety laws and regulations and standards.

it is reported that the special inspection activities focus on checking whether the use of clenbuterol, stuffing dumplings of glutinous rice and borax, whether the use of metamorphic added pigment, dumplings production workshop whether the strict implementation of the production management and quality assurance standards. And the business license of the dumplings manufacturers hygiene license, production license and other documents for each check, the product packaging production date, expiration date and whether the implementation of the purchase invoice, dumplings raw material purchase ledger system carried out a detailed inspection. At the same time, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau food circulation supervision and management department for the Dragon Boat Festival holiday market carried out special rectification work, increase the focus on the supervision of food, grain, meat, vegetables, fruits, aquatic products, children’s food, beverage, dairy products, alcohol and other illegal acts as a key, severely hit selling adulterated, shoddy so, expired moldy substandard food, timely elimination of food market consumption safety. (author: Ma Juan)


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