the morning of December 11th, deputy secretary of Xining Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo, municipal committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Ma Haiying to Huangyuan County, Huangyuan County 2013 annual assessment of the punishment and prevention system and responsibility of Party building.the completion. Wang Yubo stressed that the annual assessment, both a comprehensive political examination, but also an important political immunity". Honest and clean government, cadres is an important prerequisite and important guarantee of politics. The majority of Party members and cadres to the Qing word, positive word as a noble political pursuit, seeking the official virtue, the bottom line to keep the official.

Wang Yubo stressed that the cadres to be honest, rely on education. According to the general secretary Xi Jinping requirements, carefully calculate the three accounts, adhere to the three principles". Good interest accounts, adhere to the interests of the correct principle of good law; Zhang, adhere to the law principle; good conscience account, adhere to the principle of conscience. The official should have "three": one is fear, Party discipline can not be trampled on, to fear the law, fear of people; two is not satisfied, than to enjoy, than the office, than to treatment, more than hard work, dedication, the organization and the masses than the ratio of our evaluation, maintain peace and good attitude; the three is to know just what to understand what can’t do what we must do a good job, what to do. The law can not touch the bottom line, illegal not to touch the red line. Two dependent system. Leading cadres at all levels should abide by Party discipline and state law, the system is always regarded as a magic spell, at any time can not act anomie. A man who knows not what he is, who is not satisfied, and who knows what will happen. Three by supervision. Each leading cadres must always remind ourselves to take the initiative to accept the inner-party supervision, democratic supervision, legal supervision, supervision, supervision of the people, often to the mirror, dress up, wash bath, cure".

on the practical implementation of clean government accountability, Wang Yubo stressed that one should organize and lead in place. Leading cadres at all levels to implement the main responsibility, to firmly establish the "yigangshuangze" consciousness, on the one hand, the one hand, the formation of anti-corruption force. Two to plan the plan in place. Plan to work with the anti-corruption task in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee to determine the objectives and tasks to correct the table, improve and improve. Three measures should be put in place. To win the trust of the firm determination to punish corruption and solid results. Four to assess the supervision in place. To fulfill the responsibility of a standard, inspection and assessment standards, accountability is based on.

Wang Yubo finally stressed that the discipline inspection and supervision of the sword to be bright to use, in the light of the use of cadres to reflect the great love of the party’s cause of loyalty. The discipline inspection and supervision work to serve the central task; to serve the grassroots, serving the people; to dare to sword, dare to discipline, both discipline and punishment, grasp the effectiveness of accountability, to accelerate the development of continuously gather positive energy.


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