With the cost of property services increased year by year, some property companies to make ends meet, affect the normal operation, but also directly affect the quality of service to enhance the property business. At present, the residential property services standards are 10 years ago, the government guidance price, and the current price level is not suitable, and the relevant property policy has undergone major changes.

two reasons: rising costs, but the property service fee is difficult to timely increase, current property charges and the cost of property services to form a serious upside down, the property service enterprise only by lowering the standard of service survive, property companies operating difficulties in this situation, difficult.

three reasons: if the current is low fees of property services continue to operate, it is difficult to maintain business operations and ultimately damage the interests of owners. At the same time increase the property service charges, but also help solve some of the re employment of laid-off workers and other issues.

representative opinions and suggestions: focus

– can service quality and price matchHow to evaluate the enterprise – level

– parking charges are supply property

comments, on behalf of the majority for fee adjustment property discussions. Many delegates agreed on the property charges, but they think the adjustment is too high. More representative of the views and suggestions for the future level of property services, property services they think more should be reflected in the property service level, currently part of the property enterprise personnel quality is not high, the service is not in place, much less service charges or service charge is not only the problem still exists, the majority of owners to pay property charges. They should enjoy the consistent quality and price of property services, so the property service enterprise should strengthen internal management, regulate their own behavior, improve the quality of service. Many property companies have also proposed that the property service fee will improve the quality of their services to improve.

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