more than and 100 two storey building house building in an afternoon of a new village in early March, when the reporter went to Chen Jia Yao village total town is located in the west side of the highway west district of Xining City, presented in front of such a scene.

West Highway in front door, locking tile eaves, new aluminum doors and windows and light grey walls decorated with painted pictures…… The uniform architectural style in the local flavor with modern flavor, and not far from the tall buildings of the village road hardening echoes; accessible to every corner of the village, people instantly feel in villas in the village walk.

just over a year ago, this is located in the Glen village, the villagers are drinking water, pit children is "two-part" education, the girl is reluctant to marry the poor village to those mountains in the distance.

just one year, the only 110 households, 420 people in the village did produce changes make people dream?


is half the afternoon, the car high carrying belongings in the car shuttle with agricultural village. 66 year old villager Chen Qilan was busy directing two sons from the car to move home, edge wipe the side of the reporter said: "after the move two sons home before the Spring Festival, they had longed for in the new house New Year! A few days ago in the village itself and the elderly are on the mountain the old some could not, to the village home to see who will keep the soil on the mountain that litters, close down move, drove in the new home after the first year, now is the rest things stop moving down."

is also busy with the new home of the village committee director Chen Huiqing put down his hand to catch up. The more than and 40 year old Chen Huiqing was outspoken in a lean, reporter and he walked along the road: "accurate said Chen Jia Yao now should be called the Chen Jiayao village, old village in the hillside dozens of home, my son lived there from the chronicle, the village three acres of arable land per capita total living pit the water ran out with their cattle to carry out under the mountain, a dirt road, even the car is difficult, landslides and debris flows occur almost every year, the school, the hospital not to mention…… Built in front of the village round the dream of several generations, so that the people really feel the warmth of the party and the warmth of the government."

"no government help, we are out of this life also don’t want to do the family out of the valley, more don’t want to live in such buildings were almost anything." Chen Qilan old man’s words were simple fun.

and save money for a lifetime to marry a wife, children and children in the mountains in the mountains can not learn, it is better to use the money to move down the mountain so that children receive a good education."

in the face of the new village profile, Chen Huiqing has so far the villagers on the relocation of hesitant, different opinions, fresh.

villagers had also understand after the relocation of the day will be better than the best in the nest, is a word "money" is the most vexing. Just folks for money";

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