In the economy into the new normal today, is located in the less developed regions of Qinghai, Qinghai, how to build a public entrepreneurship, the fertile ground for innovation? How to take a more pragmatic attitude to help enterprises in Qinghai under the new economic normal, to seek new development and new breakthroughs?

six, two deep city immediately do

in Haidong City, for enterprises of special operations personnel training problems, on the spot by the sea east of the City Commission by letter of the lead to solve, Qinghai hina PV Co., municipal water difficulties are solved by Haidong Industrial Park; in Haibei Prefecture, when learned Qinghai Huanyou agricultural science and technology limited company because of a shortage of funds and problems restricting the development of enterprises, Haiyan County Government Working Group on the spot position, will actively coordinate with the relevant bank, to provide 5 million yuan credit support to enterprises; in Huangnan, working group of the Ching of mineral water Co. company, Qinghai Electric Power Co., the company decided to build 20 km yellow power supply line to the enterprise, will soon start……

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