To help solve the family planning special family members difficult medical problems, provide convenient medical conditions, medical and health service extension mechanism of helping, family planning special family medical treatment burden, improve the level of medical care, family planning special family members before the city planning commission to coordinate the health and medical institutions, the establishment of green medical service channel for family planning special family, and issued the "notice" on the establishment of family planning special family medical service Easy Access, designed a special personnel of family planning of Xining city green service medical certificate".It is reported that in the

, family planning special family medical service Easy Access, object into the special personnel service for green residence in the city for more than 49 years of age and family planning special family members. Service content: one is the family planning special family members to the hospital in the city more than two medical institutions can enjoy the "five exemptions and ten reductions" medical assistance (general outpatient registration fee, waive waive fee, waive the intramuscular injection of outpatient outpatient infusion fees, free clinic peripheral blood glucose testing fees, free hospital consultation fees; hospital CT examination the part of the cost reduction of 20% hospitalization fee, inspection fee of MRI parts at their own expense reduction 20%, electrocardiogram examination fee remission 20%, hospitalization fee waiver threshold 20%, inspecting fee in our hospital on the basis of the provisions of the reduction of 20%, CT, MRI, in addition to inpatient hospital ECG examination fees, inspection fees of the other 20% reduction, 20% reduction of inspection fees, anesthesia the operation fee charges 20%, 20% reduction, 20% reduction in hospital bed fee) and twenty-six for the convenience of the new measures "; two is the family planning special family members, from the residence To the community health service institutions in accordance with the city’s 65 year old physical examination standards free medical examination once a year.

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