commonly used are: Chinese medicine treatment, such as oral and external therapy and acupuncture; western medicine treatment, such as oral corticosteroids, iodine preparations and other symptomatic treatment drugs; surgical treatment, such as breast tumor resection, simple resection of breast.

, the largest diameter of the tumor was less than 1/2, and the pain was relieved;

(2) effect: the biggest diameter of the tumor was reduced by more than 1/2, and the pain disappeared.


(internship editor: Zheng Yanjun)

: simple breast pain relief, and the tumor does not shrink. The total effective rate and the total effective rate were statistically analyzed. Among them, the former contains effective, effective and cure rate; the latter refers to the effective and cure rate.


lump does not shrink, or instead increase the hardened;

: the tumor shrank more than 1/2, and the pain was not relieved.

(1) clinical cure: mass disappeared, milk pain disappeared, no recurrence after stopping for 3 months.

generally speaking, when the disease of mammary gland hyperplasia symptoms mild, mild premenstrual breast tenderness, breast nodules scattered in tiny particles, the disease does not affect the work and life, can hold up the breast to ease the bra breast pain, without taking any medications, only for the clinical observation can, if not significant changes, every six months to a year to check a specialist. When symptoms are more serious and affect the work or life, should be treated differently.


Treatment of

mammary gland hyperplasia curative effect standard:

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