News Network on April 12th, a long entrenched in our province to Gansu on the bus, the use of "winning" cans of fraud, the crime of robbery gang was Xining City Public Security Bureau Traffic Security Bureau has eradicated, 7 suspects were arrested, the people all chenkuai clap.

January 23rd, in a province sent to Gansu, Lanzhou on the bus, the 7 young men dressed as farmers look on the train, in the car with Pepsi cans "winning" in the form of fraud. A few people intend to force the victim to take the car from their hands in the hands of the "winning" can be seen through the hall, said: "your tricks are too old." Even annoyed is crime criminals, they all will Huo beaten up, snatched cash from Huo pocket more than 3000 yuan after the car sped away.

April 6th, the same is sent to Gansu, Linxia, the bus, this gang of criminals with the same means from the victim’s hands in the hands of a gold bracelet, gold earrings, a gold ring, worth more than 1.2 yuan.

police, this gang of criminals is extremely rampant, cheat do not grab achievements, a car on the division of labor, some performing, and some armed with a knife to intimidate other passengers to prevent people from the police to remind. A total of 7 people in the family of the victims Ma on the car, but because many women, but also by other criminals with a knife control, can not be reminded of Ma, resulting in a liar eventually succeed. In April 9th, the gangsters in the bus up cheat, snatched the victim Ma Moumou in the hands of a ring finger, almost broke victim. April 6th, 8, on the 9 day, the perpetrators of the crime succeeded.

liars are "old", but in 4 a month, the more than and 20 cases of crime, why are people fooled, police analysis, or the victim please cheap psychology. Who made a winning amount up to 60 thousand yuan, to play a "peasant" child care "low price" selling "winning" cans, for the parties to lottery. Many of the victims are because it is profitable, only to catch up with a liar, and finally even coax to cheat on the.

police after more than a month of tracking, eventually locked the 7 suspects, 7:40 on April 12th, Ma Aiyou cloth, Xiao Yongde, HP will be on a long-distance bus to conduct crime of fraud can grams, Han Guolin, Li Wenfeng, Ma Yuhong, Ma Mingfu and other 7 gang members were arrested.


account for more than 20 cases of crime, according to statistics, the police received a report from only 5, some of the victims did not report for a variety of reasons, not to penalize the criminals, police urged victims of the masses and the traffic security bureau, the fight against crime, maintaining social order. (author: Wen Ling)


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