8 14 July, banma Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology Research Academy of Social Sciences Chinese base listing ceremony held a forum of experts in Baima County, Golog Tibetan Autonomous prefecture. From Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing Normal University, National Army primary school construction project in our province and Council of experts and provincial United Front Work Department of the experts and scholars gathered in banma, banma contribute to economic and social development suggestions.

in recent years, the CPC Central Committee attaches great importance to the work of Tibetan attention, in the province, under the leadership of the state, banma County created with exploration of Tibetan society governance "banma experience". In order to further implement the sixth Tibet spirit of the forum, give full play to the national, academic and research institutions, and suggestions, in order to promote economic and social development of the Tibetan voice in April this year, China Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Ethnology and anthropology, the provincial United Front Work Department, banma County three party signed banma research cooperation agreement, from 2016 to 2020 a national survey base, to make it an important research practice base of Tibetan nationality work, to further accelerate the "three banma" construction process, boost the healthy and rapid development of economic and social banma, banma help people getting rid of poverty as soon as possible.

it is reported that the provincial United Front Work Department has established expert consultation base of national unity, and combined with the situation of banma research base, set up expert advisory team composed of more than and 50 people inside and outside the province. This national survey base listing, will further promote the spirit of the Red Army Long March, let more experts understand Tibetan, propaganda Tibet, further strengthen academic cooperation and communication practice, to build more effective interactive communication platform.

forum, China Yanan spirit, vice president and Secretary General of the National Army Primary School Construction Engineering Council party secretary and chairman Su Xisheng, Beijing Normal University China of income distribution executive president, advisory committee of experts on the State Council Leading Group of poverty alleviation Committee professor Li Shi, Department of Economic Research Institute of the national Anthropological Research Academy of Social Sciences China director Ding Sai researchers and other experts and scholars banma respectively combined with its actual situation, banma on economic and social development, poverty alleviation, social management and other work, put forward a number of policy guidance.


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