to strengthen the employment of college graduates, the county employment bureau according to notify the office of human resources and social security "issued by the province in 2012 College Graduates Employment Service Month activities to implement the program" (Green Community Hall letter [2012]443) spirit, in August 24th at the County Hall occupation introduction organized recruitment of College graduates.

  in order to organize the recruitment meeting, the county Employment Bureau seriously developed the implementation of the program, and contact the county’s active participation of enterprises. Recruitment day, Qinghai Yihua Chemical Industry Co. Ltd., Qinghai lucaoyuan Food Co. Ltd, heavy machine tool factory, Qinghai Tianyi Industry Co. Ltd., Chinese aluminum Qinghai branch, San Want Hotel Xining and other 12 companies to provide secretarial, accounting, administration, marketing and so on more than 80 jobs, more than 200 college graduates to participate in recruitment, reach the intention of the agreement of more than 60 people. Through the recruitment, so that the majority of college graduates understand the province, city and county related to the employment of college graduates in terms of new policies and measures to mobilize the enthusiasm of college graduates, employment service activities influence.  


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