This year, the first day of the golden week holiday, Qinghai tourism ushered in a small peak, Qinghai Lake, Kumbum Monastery scenic area of the highest reception of more than ten thousand people, only yuan tourism revenue reached $1 million 144 thousand and 400.

it is understood that in October 1st of this year, the United States and the United States into the big tourist surge in Qinghai Province, the province’s trump card scenic spot – Kumbum Monastery and Qinghai Lake tourists increased significantly. In October 1st, Kumbum Monastery and Qinghai Lake scenic spots were tourists 6358 passengers and more than 8 thousand and 200 passengers. The total number of visitors to the two scenic spots exceeded 10000 passengers, far ahead of the province’s scenic spots. Kumbum Monastery tourists grew 24.18%, ticket revenue reached $361 thousand and 100, an increase of 13.02%, tourism revenue of $1 million 144 thousand and 400, an increase of 33.85%. Industry pointed out that the two major scenic spots, especially Qinghai Lake scenic spots, tourists for foreign tourists, due to weather and distance, select the line in the "eleven" golden week tourists outside the province into the green, is basically in the Qinghai Lake – Kumbum Monastery, Xining city also involved in some scenic spots and parks are mutual Tu xiang. It is understood that the Kumbum Monastery and Qinghai Lake scenic area as the old area, due to the development of relatively perfect, road traffic is convenient, resources and distinctive features, a place for religious and cultural tourism resort, a landscape natural landscape resort, so the two scenic spots in the province’s tourism market has been in the dragon head position, lead the Qinghai tourism. In the autumn tourism market in Qinghai, this feature is more obvious because of climate reasons.


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