onions, ginger, garlic is an indispensable seasoning in the daily diet, in fact, onions, ginger and garlic is not only the seasoning effect, there is a very high medicinal value, such as the body moisture large crowd, at home can use these types of ingredients, boiled hot ginger. You can put the moisture in the body excreted, so after the sweat on the hair, various moisture discomfort will slowly ease, in addition, for after rain and colds can also use this method.

in daily life, the body belongs to the dampness constitution are not uncommon, these people are more susceptible to moisture invasion of the body, especially in the rain season, when the moisture in the body weight, symptoms, the body will have a variety of so in a timely manner to the body’s moisture beexcluded then, the humidity big, how to do?

To make a foot bath with hot water are

throughout the year, there is dampness effect good, especially in the summer is a season, the most serious moisture so this season when you want to use the hot water soaking, under normal circumstances, about 40 degrees with a hot foot bath can be.

people to do? The excessive moisture will cause the occurrence of various symptoms of discomfort and therefore must be timely in vivo moisture exclusion, there are many methods to remove, in the above content has been introduced three small coup, the hope can help to you as soon as possible. The moisture in the body draining out.



hot water bubble

is the most common wormwood plants have high medicinal value, wormwood belongs to positive plants, the moisture in the body and the cold can be effectively removed, therefore, the moisture of the people, in the shower can use moxa bath, can effectively eliminate the body’s moisture, under normal circumstances it is best to do a weekly, mugwort bath, so stick to it, not only plays a role of removing moisture, also can put in the chill out, other symptoms will be improved.

how to do a large moisture

with onions, ginger, garlic


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