Spring Festival is indeed a hot time for major stores, however, once the Spring Festival, a lot of store business will quickly cool down, which makes the owners are very frustrated. In fact, after the Spring Festival, people continue to go out work, study is the end of the month, will gradually get out of the house, went home. We have to seize this opportunity, for this part of the crowd in a timely manner to replenish the road they need to carry the beverage, leisure food and daily necessities, but also to prepare adequate local specialty.

Because these

rushed from home, my heart is still remembering that a deep sense of nostalgia, will these pinned home emotional things with me, from time to time out to play, to taste. A lot of people in the field, his specialty even if outsiders feel worse, but they think it is a good exquisite beyond compare. Or as a feeling, to give their teachers, leaders, colleagues and friends.

addition, Chinese go out to study, to make a variety of psychological stresses. They travel far away from home, whether it is family or their own, deep in the hearts of a desire for peace. Therefore, after the Spring Festival every year, I have made up, with the meaning of peace auspicious Shandong tobacco production in the "Taishan" brand cigarettes. And a "safe" Taishan "to" banner in the shop in the lobby hung, remind, suggests that the "Taishan" to buy cigarettes, buy is not smoke, but to buy a copy of "security" and "Taishan" cultural connotation.

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to the "migratory birds" migration nest, business opportunities around you, the key is whether you will seize the opportunity to pass with you? Choosing the best products for customers is the basic principle of doing business well. Replenishment after the Spring Festival, the multi transposition thinking, want to think, if I am a customer I like what, then it is not difficult to choose suitable for customer tastes, customer demand for the goods.

regardless of the Spring Festival, the store should be how to grasp the business opportunities, which, after all, in the past, and in the face of the future, any one of the shops only grasp any opportunity to be able to make the store more profitable. In short, a good grasp of the "migratory birds" after the Spring Festival in the local economy, mining opportunities, ensure the safety of the "Taishan" smoke, completely meets the consumer’s thoughts and love, is the act of intellectual virtues.

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